Friday, January 20, 2012

Putting the "heal" in health

My baby,

What a trying (almost!) 18 months it's been for your little baby body/mind. You have some challenges, but God is good and He hasn't given us anything that we can't handle. Your health could be much, much, much worse - and I am grateful that all of your diagnosis are things that we can overcome together. Let's start with the good news: You are (overall) healthy and happy. You are growing strong - today at the doctor you were 35.5 inches (one more half inch and you will be 3 feet!!) - you are also 34.5 lbs. You are 100% for both height and weight! My big boy! You are also getting all of the services you need - Mommy and Daddy have been going to appointments like crazy, calling insurance, scheduling future appointments - you are loved, little boy, and we will go to the ends of the earth for you.

The bad-ish news. I say bad-ish because all of this stuff is just a minor set-back - it could be a lot worse. We are grateful. You have asthma (not new). You have a motor delay and a speech delay (both new).

Asthma: You went to a pulmonolgist today to check on your on-going asthma. You take singular daily and albuterol inhaler PRN. You just had bronchitis a few weeks ago - and since we are concerned about your lungs and have been since you were born - the pulmonologist is starting you on a low-dose steroid called QVAR. I don't think I like the idea of you being on a steroid everyday since it does stunt growth - so - we are just going to use it for a short-time. We are seeing the doctor again in May to re-check you and see if you still need it or not.

You went to your physical therapist for the first time this week. You have been dx as having in-toeing (pigeon toes) and ankle joint inflexibility. Daddy has to help you do your stretches everyday, 2x a day. YOU HATE IT. You act like someone is trying to kill you. Poor thing. But your muscles are tight and we need to help you with your flexibility and balance. You fall down. A lot. Like a drunk. So, please know that no one is killing you with the exercises - we love you and want your body strong! You will be going to PT bimonthly and you will have to wear an ankle orthodic called Sure Step. You get fit for this next week and hopefully will have your own pair within the next 2 weeks or so. They will probably look something like this:

I hope you do not mind your brace and I hope you will enjoy finally feeling balanced! Oh imagine the things you can get into when you don't fall down all the time :-)!!!

And, the worst - your speech delay. You have a receptive speech delay. This means that you have a hard time understanding. You have a hard time grasping what things are by words alone. If we show you a jacket - you immediately hold out your arms to put your jacket on. But, if we just say the word jacket - you have no idea what I'm talking about. We are working with a speech therapist to help improve your language issues. We need to improve the amount you make eye-contact and we are helping with your language skills by doing baby sign language. You are getting pretty good! You don't know a ton of signs - but it is helpful to be able to communicate a little bit with you.

I am the most anxious about your speech - I do worry because communicate is a big concern right now. I'm hoping with the speech therapy that we can get you all caught up. I dream of the day that you and I will be able to talk together - I can't wait to hear about all of the thoughts that go through that sweet, smart mind of yours.

I'm so grateful to be your mom. Speech delay, motor delay, asthma - you will get better. I will do everything under the sun to help you, you are not alone. I love you "rocket" :)

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